What should I do after registering a domain name?

After Registering a domain name, you can use the following guideline to make use of it:
  1. Find a web host and create the account with them for the domain name that you just registered.
  2. Your wen hosting company will provide you with the Name Servers Host Names to use with your domain. Return to your domain name registrar with your Web host's DNS server primary and secondary host names and set them as your name servers.
  3. Updating the name servers requires 1 to 6 hours to be fully functional. This time period is required for the change in the name servers host name to propagate across the internet
  4. With your new domain now being properly configured to point to your hosting account, your web hosting company will provide you with a control panel (like cPanel) that will allow you to start using your hosting. You can now create new email address, create FTP accounts, create MySQL databases, upload your site contents, install a CMS like wordpress, joomla, and drupal, and a lot more.
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