How to turn off php safe mode?

This topic illustrates how to enable or disable any php directive :

If you need to disable php "safe_mode", change "upload_max_filesize" limit or any other PHP directive, just follow the following steps to override the default server settings :

1- In your "public_html" folder, edit or create a new ".htaccess" file, and add the following line :

SetEnv PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR /home/sites/UserName/etc/

Where "UserName" is your account user name.

2- On your pc, create a "php.ini" file with any txt editor like notepad, add all the required modifications to it, then upload it to "/home/sites/UserName/etc/" folder.


let's assume that your username is "sdef3457" and you need to disable "safe_mode", this is how it should be done :

Go to your "public_html" directory and edit your ".htaccess" file and add the following line :

SetEnv PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR /home/sites/sdef3457/etc/

Then, go to " /home/sites/sdef3457/etc/" using your FTP program or cPanle's file manager and upload a "php.ini" file with the following line :

safe_mode = Off

Thats it!

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