Addons and Modules

Lara, WHMCS Admin Theme

Lara, is WHMCS & AdminLTE blended together, resulting in a beautiful WHMCS Admin Theme, that can be used on daily basis, without hurting your eyes!

Lara, Google Analytics Dashboard Widget

Google Analytics Dashboard Widget For WordPress, View your Google Analytics account directly from WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Lara Session rePlayer for WHMCS

Records and replays visitors sessions.

  • Works with any WHMCS client theme.
  • Complete logging of errors and debug events.
  • Record all sessions or limit the number of recording per day (to save disk space) - [sessions will be chosen randomly].
  • The ability to limit recording size and length (to save disk space).
  • Fully automated clean-up system, to delete old recordings (to save disk space).
  • EU GDPR compliance, by only recording sessions after a consent cookie is set by the user (i.e., after accepting your website's cookie and privacy policy).
  • All recorded sessions will be stored locally on your server, so no user data will be shared with 3rd parties.
  • The ability to mask all inputs, to protect users' privacy.
  • The ability to ignore recording certain input fields by type, name, class or id.
  • Testing mode, where only sessions by logged in admins will be recorded.

Lara Email Tracker for WHMCS

Tracks and records email activity.

  • Tracks email views, by adding a tracking pixel to sent emails.
  • Tracks all links in sent emails, with the ability to track custom and external links as well (like your company's Facebook or Twitter page).
  • Fully automated system, no coding required, just plug-and-play !
  • Works with any WHMCS email provider (PHP Mail, SMTP , MailGun, etc.)
  • Only tracks actual human interactions, and ignores bots (i.e., caching servers and email scanners) .
  • Tracks the entire life cycle of the email, when it was sent, delivered to the receiving server, opened or a link was clicked inside the email.
  • Fully customizable, with the ability to anonymize tracked IPs and many other options.

For WHMCS v8.0 and above.

Lara, Fraud Control

Lara Fraud Control will allow you to to have custom fraud control per payment gateway.